Contract Opportunity - SNOTEL Equipment Shelters

Selected contractor will build snowpack telemetry (SNOTEL) equipment shelters that are used to house electronics and hardware at remote NRCS SNOTEL monitoring sites. The shelters will be pre-built at contractor facilities to specifications provided by NRCS. The work will be completed in Fiscal Year 2014 and the final delivery of completed shelters delivered to NRCS within 45 days following award of contract/order. NRCS Snow Survey staff will be consulted upon completion of the first shelter building to ensure conformance with building standards. A total of 7 shelter buildings will be constructed consisting of: Three (3) 8’ tall shelters; Three (3) 12' tall shelters; and One (1) 16’ tall shelter. The contractor will deliver all completed shelters to the NRCS Snow Survey shop in Belgrade, MT.

Submit proposal by 5 p.m. on Monday, May 19, 2014 to:

Jake Ceartin
E-mail: Jake.Ceartin
Phone: 406-587-6862
Fax: 406-587-6808

The following documents require Adobe Reader. If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Jake Ceartin at 406-587-6862.

SNOTEL Shelter Specifications (2D) (PDF; 527 KB)
SNOTEL Shelter Specifications (3D) (PDF; 1.6 MB)