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Preparing Your Home for Wildfire

In areas susceptible to fires, homeowners should take all necessary measures to protect their homes against the threat of wildland fires. The Montana Department of Natural Resources (DNRC) recommends the following minimum precautions be taken:

  • Maintain an area of non-combustible material within 3 feet of structures.
  • Maintain surface vegetation at three inches or less in height.
  • Remove all downed trees, brush, limbs, etc.
  • Thin trees to ten feet between crowns.
  • Prune limbs on trees to fifteen feet above the ground.
  • Dispose of all slash and flammable debris from your property.
  • Clean the roof and gutters of needles, leaves, branches, and other combustible materials.
  • Locate the propane tank at least ten feet from structures and within a ten-foot clearing.
  • Stack your firewood at least 100 feet from the house and always on the uphill side.

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