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LTP Forms - NRCS Land Treatment

Documents in the following table are available in Adobe Acrobat format. Once you have saved the file to a local drive, open the associated program and then open the saved file on your local drive. If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Webmaster at 406-587-6945.

Montana LTP Forms
Form Number Title of Form Date
MT-LTP-3 (PDF; 79 KB) Producer Self-Certification of Irrigation History February 2016
MT-LTP-4 (PDF; 12 KB) Montana Addenda to the Appendix to Form CCC-1202 Conservation Program Contract for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (policies regarding water conservation) June 2009
MT-LTP-13 (PDF; 530 KB) Status Review August 2014
MT-LTP-14A (PDF; 149 KB) Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Cover Establishment and Maintenance Requirements July 2015
MT-LTP-14B (PDF; 112 KB) Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Mid-Contract-Management Requirements on Established Cover July 2015
MT-LTP-14C (PDF; 118 KB) Pollinator Habitat Establishment and Management July 2015
MT-LTP-14D (PDF; 119 KB) Tree Practice Maintenance and Mid-Contract-Management January 2016
MT-LTP-14E (PDF; 90 KB) Managed Harvest and Routine Grazing on CRP May 2016

National LTP forms can be found on the following Web sites.

Some frequently used national forms are:

  • NRCS-LTP-20 Emergency Watersheds Protection Program Floodplain Warranty Easement Deed (NRCS use only)
  • NRCS-LTP-22 Final Certificate of Inspection and Possession
  • NRCS-LTP-23 Certificate of Use and Consent