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CPA Forms - NRCS Conservation Planning and Assistance

Documents in the following tables are available in Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Excel format. Once you have saved the file to a local drive, open the associated program and then open the saved file on your local drive.

Montana CPA Forms
Form Number Title of Form
MT-CPA-7A (PDF; 34 KB; revised June 2014) Technical Spot Check Review for Conservation System Application
MT-CPA-7B (PDF; 199 KB; revised June 2014) Check List for Evaluation of Management Systems and Associated Practices
MT-CPA-8 Form (PDF; 246 KB)

MT-CPA-8 Instructions (PDF; 26 KB)
NRCS Negative Findings Report
MT-CPA-8A (PDF; 690 KB) NRCS Short Site Form

MT-CPA-8F Form (PDF; 127 KB)

MT-CPA-8F Instructions (PDF; 27 KB)

MT-CPA-8F When to Use (PDF; 20KB)

Irrigation Feature Form
MT-CPA-8G (B) (PDF; 473 KB) Cultural Resources Initial Review Request - Blackfeet
MT-CPA-8G (FB) (PDF; 413 KB) Cultural Resources Initial Review Request - Fort Belknap
MT-CPA-8G (NC) (PDF; 51 KB) Cultural Resources Initial Review Request - Northern Cheyenne
MT-CPA-10 (PDF; 190 KB) Montana Minimal Effect Procedure Worksheet
MT-CPA-11 (PDF; 567 KB) Sign-Up Check List - Soil Salinity
MT-CPA-14 (PDF; 109 KB) Conservation Planner Job Certification Matrix
MT-CPA-15E (PDF; 377 KB) Montana Individual Engineering Practices
MT-CPA-15V (PDF; 236 KB) Montana Individual Vegetative Practices
MT-CPA-16 (PDF; 36 KB) Conservation Plan Review Worksheet
MT-CPA-18A (PDF; 440 KB) Grazing Land Forage Inventory Summary Sheet
MT-CPA-18B Form (XLS; 51 KB)

MT-CPA-18B Instructions (PDF; 46 KB)

MT-CPA-18B Example (XLS; 52 KB)
Forage, Roughage, and Livestock Balance Worksheet
MT-CPA-18C (XLS; 111 KB) Grazing Rotation Schedule Worksheet
MT-CPA-026e (PDF; 233 KB) Highly Erodible Land and Wetland Conservation Determination
MT-CPA-67 (XLS; 84 KB)

MT-CPA-67 (PDF; 173 KB)
Township, Range, Section Plat Map
MT-CPA-179 (PDF; 36 KB) Supplement to Average Cost List for Long-Term Contracting
MT-CPA-184 (PDF; 384 KB) Summary of Conservation Practices Installed and Spot Checks Performed
MT-CPA-185 (PDF; 73 KB) Consultation Summary Sheet for Programmatic Biological Assessment
MT-CPA-186 (Bull Trout) (PDF; 162) Habitat Determination Screen for Bull Trout
MT-CPA-186 (Canada Lynx) (PDF; 124 KB) Habitat Determination Screen for Canada Lynx
MT-CPA-187 (PDF; 55 KB) Authorization for Release of Information to:
MT-CPA-188 (PDF; 707 KB) Montana Skill Set Requirements for a GS-7/9 Soil Conservationist and Rangeland Management Specialist
MT-CPA-189 (PDF; 20 KB) Notification Form for Bull Trout “Likely To Adversely Affect” Project When Incidental Take Exceeds or Was Not Identified in the April 2015 Programmatic Bull Trout Biological Opinion
MT-CPA-TSP-1 (PDF; 244 KB) PRS Data Entry Worksheet and Payment Ticket for Technical Service Providers
MT-CPA-TSP-2 (PDF; 16 KB) Authorization for Release of Information to a Technical Service Provider (TSP)
MT-CPA-TSP-3 (PDF; 17 KB) Program Participant Responsibilities When Using Technical Service Provider (TSP) Assistance

National CPA forms can be found on the following Web sites.

Some frequently used national forms are:

  • NRCS-CPA-1 NRCS Employee Data on Farm Interest
  • NRCS-CPA-2 Evaluating Implementation of the Farmland Protection Policy Act (FPPA) Annual Report
  • NRCS-CPA-5A Inventory and Evaluation of Land, Water, and Related Resources
  • NRCS-CPA-6 Conservation Assistance Notes
  • NRCS-CPA-6a Conservation Assistance Notes Continuation Sheet
  • NRCS-CPA-6b Conservation Assistance Notes Record of Conservation on the Land
  • NRCS-CPA-009 Power of Attorney (NRCS use only)
  • NRCS-CPA-013 Contract Review (NRCS use only)
  • NRCS-CPA-38 Request for Certified Wetland Determination or Delineation
  • NRCS-CPA-15 Soil Map
  • NRCS-CPA-16 Conservation Plan Map
  • NRCS-CPA-17 Administrative Record Document Index CRP/Conservation Compliance
  • NRCS-CPA-20 HELC/WC Conservation Compliance Quality Review Questions
  • NRCS-CPA-21 Administrative Record Document Index Wetland Appeals
  • NRCS-CPA-22 FSA Appeals - Wetland Administrative Record
  • NRCS-CPA-23 HEL/CRP Appeals Administrative Record Checklist
  • NRCS-CPA-27 Certification of Highly Erodible Land Conservation Plan(s) and Systems
  • NRCS-CPA-31 Wetland Documentation Record General Site Information
  • NRCS-CPA-32 Wetland Documentation Record Remotely Sensed Data Summary
  • NRCS-CPA-33 Wetland Documentation Record Vegetation Data Routine Method
  • NRCS-CPA-34 Wetland Documentation Record Vegetation Data Comprehensive Method
  • NRCS-CPA-35 Wetland Documentation Record Soils Data Routine and Comprehensive Method
  • NRCS-CPA-36 Wetland Documentation Record Hydrology Data Routine Method
  • NRCS-CPA-50 Site-Specific Practice Effects
  • NRCS-CPA-51 Conservation Management System Options
  • NRCS-CPA-52 Environmental Evaluation Worksheet
  • NRCS-CPA-53 Conservation Effects Benchmark Management System
  • NRCS-CPA-54 Conservation Effects Treatment Options
  • NRCS-CPA-68 Record of Cooperator’s Decisions and Progress in Application
  • NRCS-CPA-69 Record of Cooperator’s Decisions and Progress in Application
  • NRCS-CPA-106 Farmland Conversion Impact Rating for Corridor Type Projects
  • NRCS-CPA-152 Conservation Program Contract Transfer Agreement
  • NRCS-CPA-228 Conservation Planning Information
  • NRCS-CPA-0230 Confirmation of Matching Funds (NRCS use only)
  • NRCS-CPA-0255 Grassland Reserve Program Conservation Easement (NRCS use only)
  • NRCS-CPA-261 Conservation Plan
  • NRCS-CPA-1200 Conservation Program Application (PDF; 266 KB)