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State Office Directory

NRCS Montana State Office Staff Directory

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
10 East Babcock Street, Room 443
Bozeman, MT 59715-4704
Phone: 406-587-6811
Fax: 855-510-7028

The complete Montana NRCS employee directory is also available for downloading. This document requires Adobe Reader. If you encounter problems with the file provided on this page, please contact Webmaster at 406-587-6945.

State Conservationist
Name Position Phone
Lisa Coverdale State Conservationist 406-587-6811
Heather Higgs State Conservationist's Secretary 406-587-6814

Public Affairs
Name Position Phone
Lori Valadez Public Affairs Manager/Outreach Coordinator 406-587-6969
Mary Myers Visual Information Specialist 406-587-6945
Byrhonda Lyons Public Affairs Specialist 406-587-6789

Name Position Phone
Jerry Shows Assistant State Conservationist (Operations) 406-587-6967
Leslie Taylor Management Assistant 406-587-6868

Name Position Phone
Erik Suffridge Assistant State Conservationist (Programs) 406-587-6873
Jeanne LaSorte EQIP and CSP Program Specialist 406-587-6849
Lisa McCauley Easement Specialist 406-587-6970
Abby Dresser Ducks Unlimited Conservation Specialist 406-587-6947
Maureen Meagher Resource Conservationist 406-587-6748

Management and Strategy
Name Position Phone
Patti Renevier Assistant State Conservationist (Management and Strategy) 406-587-6731
Connie Ritts Financial Resources Specialist 406-587-6857
vacant Administrative Support Specialist  
Jake Ceartin Business Services Specialist 406-587-6862

Name Position Phone
Bart Huber State Administrative Officer 406-587-6957
Deborah Ernst Budget Officer 406-587-6780
Cherie Rath-Williams Financial Technician, Relocation NSDT 406-587-6904
Byrdeen Warwood Accounting Technician 406-587-6858
Christina Klima Human Resources Specialist, Staffing NSDT 406-587-6869

Name Position Phone
Kale Gullett State Resource Conservationist 406-587-6998
Lakeitha Rena Ruffin Agricultural Economist (RPIT) 406-587-6854
Dori Passmann Archeaologist 406-587-6708
Patrick Hensleigh Agronomist 406-587-6837
vacant Biologist 406-587-6902
Jeffrey Combs Biologist (Environmental Compliance) 406-587-6747
Cory Wolfe Civil Engineer (RPIT) 406-587-6994
Matt Ricketts Forester 406-587-6965
Joseph Little Resource Conservationist (RPIT) / Toolkit Coordinator 406-587-6861
Jim Jacobs Plant Materials Specialist 406-587-6995
Jon Siddoway Rangeland Management Specialist 406-587-6790
Stephanie King Resource Conservationist 406-587-6794
Kirt Walstad Rangeland Management Specialist 406-587-6782
Bill Drummond Soil Scientist 406-587-6730

NRI Collection and Coordination
Name Position Phone
Julie Tesky State Resource Inventory Coordinator 406-587-6908
vacant GIS Coordinator 406-587-6968
Catherine Maynard Geospatial Analyst 406-444-4546
FAX: 406-444-0581
State Library
1515 E. 6th Ave.
Helena, MT 59620-1800

Bridger Plant Materials Center (PMC), 98 S. River Road, Bridger, MT 59014-9514, FAX 855-510-7028
Name Position Phone: 406-662-3579
Joseph Scianna Plant Materials Center Manager/Horticulturist ext. 101
Ross Oyler Biological Science Technician ext. 106
Darren Zentner Biological Science Technician ext. 106
Bob Fisher Biological Science Technician ext. 106

Name Position Phone
Steve Becker State Conservation Engineer 406-587-6828
ReNae Grantier Office Assistant 406-587-6822
Darryl Baker Design Engineer 406-587-6827
Karen Hoffman Hydrology and Water Quality Engineer 406-587-6824
Randy Pierce Irrigation/Water Management Engineer 406-587-6860
Mark Yerger State Design Engineer 406-587-6912
Michael Garverich State Geologist 406-587-6830
Bruce Krueger Survey and Software Engineer 406-587-6834

Snow Survey
Name Position Phone
Mage Hultstrand Data Collection Officer 406-587-6844
Eric Larson Hydrologist 406-587-6991
Lucas Zukiewicz Water Supply Specialist 406-587-6843
Jeri Lynn Ward Statistical Assistant 406-587-6809
Chad Gipson Electronics Technician, located at Snow Survey Shop
1160 Apples Way
Belgrade, MT 58714
406-388-4028; FAX: 406-388-4641
Chelan Babineau Hydrologic Technician, located at Snow Survey Shop
1160 Apples Way
Belgrade, MT 58714
FAX: 406-388-4641
Zach Rich Hydrologic Technician, located at Snow Survey Shop
1160 Apples Way
Belgrade, MT 58714
FAX: 406-388-4641

Rocky Mountain Soil Survey Region 4 (SSR-4)
Name Position Phone
Eva Muller Acting Soil Survey Regional Director 406-587-6866
Cathy Logar Office Assistant 406-587-6952
Eva Muller Senior Regional Soil Scientist 406-587-6866
Steven Jelden Soil Data Quality Specialist 720-544-2851
Jane Karinen Soil Data Quality Specialist 406-587-6820
Robert Spokas Soil Data Quality Specialist 406-587-6819
Suzann Kienast-Brown Soil Scientist - GIS Specialist 406-587-6836