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NRCS Earth Team Volunteers

Montana's Earth Team members are part of a national network of volunteers who are giving their time and talent to help with local natural resource conservation projects.

As an Earth Team volunteer, you will work side-by-side with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service professionals who are committed to helping people protect and conserve the Earth's natural resources.

Montanans join the Earth Team for many reasons:

  • Work experience
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Academic credit

Volunteer Stories

Your skills and interests are matched to the agency's needs.

By volunteering, you will help your community, your country, and our Earth. In addition, you will learn new skills, meet new people, and be part of a dedicated conservation effort.

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions about the Earth Team, contact an Earth Team coordinator listed below. Additional information is also available on the national Earth Team Web site. Forms to sign up can be obtained from the national Earth Team Web site or by contacting an Earth Team volunteer coordinator.

Montana Earth Team Contacts

  • Bozeman Area: Mary Ann Quinn, 406-587-6859
  • Great Falls Area: Dee Morgan, 406-727-7580 x 102
  • Miles City Area: Kristi Nile, 406-232-7905 x 116
  • Missoula Area: Mona Smith, 406-829-3395 x 123
  • State Office and Plant Materials Center: Lori Valadez, 406-587-6969
  • State Volunteer Coordinator: Travis Lemke, 406-829-3395 x 122


Volunteers must be 14 years of age or older and be United States citizens or citizens of allied countries. Find the required forms and agreements at General Manual, Subpart J.

1. Individuals and Groups

  • Complete the Volunteer Interest and Placement Summary and Volunteer Services Agreement and send the forms to your area Earth Team Coordinator or the state Earth Team coordinator.
  • Volunteers under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign the agreement.
  • If you are a group, the group leader must sign the agreement and provide an attached sheet with all group members’ signatures or legal guardians’ signature if group members are under 18 years of age.

2. Student volunteers

  • Complete the Volunteer Services Agreement;
  • Complete the Student Program Addendum with your school official; and
  • Have your school complete The Earth Team Student Volunteer Program agreement.
  • Send these forms to your area Earth Team Coordinator or the state Earth Team coordinator.


Download the following forms from General Manual, Subpart J:

  • Optional Form 301A, “Volunteer Services Agreement for Natural Resources Agencies”
  • Form NRCS-PER-002, “The Earth Team Volunteer Interest and Placement Summary”
  • Form NRCS-PER-004, “The Earth Team Time and Attendance”
  • Form 360-001, “The Earth Team Identification Card”
  • Form NRCS-PER-25, “The Earth Team Student Volunteer Program-Addendum”
  • Form NRCS-PER-26, “The Earth Team Student Volunteer Program Agreement”
  • Form NRCS-PER-28, “The Earth Team Volunteer Position Description”
  • Form NRCS-PER-36, “Earth Team Individual & Group Volunteer Award Nomination”
  • Form NRCS-PER-37, “Earth Team Chief’s Recognition Award Nomination”
  • Form NRCS-PER-38, “Earth Team Employee Award Nomination”
  • Form NRCS-PER-39, “Earth Team Partnership Award Nomination”


Travis Lemke
State Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 406-829-3395 x 122
Email: Travis Lemke