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How to Order a Published Soil Survey

How to Order a Published Soil Survey

Thank you for your interest in the NRCS published soil surveys for Montana. Soil surveys are free by request.

Please check the Published Soil Surveys for Montana at the national NRCS Soils Web site to see which surveys are available. Some soil surveys are available for download.

To order a soil survey to be sent via mail:
Send an e-mail to the Montana State Soil Scientist/MO-4 Team Leader with your request.
Please specify which version of the soil survey you would like to receive. Surveys may be available in hard-copy format, in CD format, or in both formats.

To pick up a soil survey in person:
Published soil surveys are available to walk-in customers at the NRCS Service Center located in each county. Each local office has only the published soil survey for its area. Also available at these offices is information, on a site-specific basis, for areas that do not have a published soil survey.

The NRCS State Office in Bozeman, Montana, has on hand the published soil surveys for each soil survey area in Montana. Call 406-587-6818 for more information.

Some surveys are out of print; a library or university may have a reference copy.

Last Modified: 01/24/2012