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Costs | NRCS Economics

NRCS cost information is available in numerous sources.  Cost information is in Section I of the NRCS Field Office Technical Guide for each state.   Prior to FY2008, NRCS used state cost lists for conservation program payments, but paid as a percent of actual costs for most practices.  After FY2008, NRCS paid state payment rates as flat rate per practice.  The state payment rates are available under the Programs page for each NRCS state website.  NRCS cost information sources include: 

The Minnesota National Ag Risk Education Library Budget Section also has a searchable database to catalog enterprise budgets which you can search by state and enterprise.   Another source of national and regional cropping costs information is from ERS. This is a subpart of their Farm Business Economics Briefing Room (featuring current analysis and data of major farm, business, and household indicators).

Please contact your state economic contact for additional information.

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