Technical Service Provider (TSP)

Mississippi's Technical Service Provider (TSP) process is intended to help professionals provide technical assistance to landowners and farmers under one of the Farm Bill conservation programs.


The premise behind the TSP process is that the demand for technical assistance to do conservation work is increasing and will exceed the current staffing capacity of the NRCS. Technical assistance includes conservation planning and design, installation and checkout of approved conservation practices. NRCS has traditionally provided these technical services and will continue to do so, however, producers may now request the use of a TSP to provide technical services in completing conservation practices. The producer may always choose to  use the service of a TSP, and will be reimbursed for those services provided program funding is available.

To certify as a TSP, access TechReg and complete NRCS online training, you will need a USDA user ID account and password.

The following document requires Adobe Acrobat.

TechReg Step-by-Step Guide (PDF)

Why Become a Certified TSP? 

Certification is required for an EQIP participant to be reimbursed for technical services they receive. NRCS staff, partner agencies, non-profit organizations, as well as private contractors and businesses may be certified to provide technical assistance through NRCS. Different tasks require different certifications and training. Mississippi may require Mississippi based training for those individuals interested in certifying in CNMP categories. TSP's can only provide services for which they have been specifically certified by NRCS in TechReg.

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Where can I find A Mississippi TSP?

How much will a TSP be paid?


The NRCS Conservation Planning Training Modules 1-5 are now available through the National Employee Development Center.  Look under Technical Service Providers for a list of courses offered and instructions on how to enroll.

TSP Contact in Mississippi

Alan Holditch
100 W. Capitol Street
Suite 1321
Jackson, MS 39269
Phone: 601-965-4139 ext. 2112
Fax: 601-965-5162