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Plant Material Staff

Tommy Moss, Research Agronomist Tommy Moss
Research Agronomist

  • Evaluation and research of plant species that show promise for use in conservation
  • Involving assisting in the development of research projects, collecting/ analyzing data, preparing reports of summarized data/conclusions from research and overseeing greenhouse operations

Contact Tommy Moss or 662-675-2588 ext. 23

James O. Pomerlee, Gardner
James O. Pomerlee

  • Cultivates and cares for ornamental plants and installs floral displays in indoor or outdoor settings through performance of any combination of following duties as directed by supervisory personnel.
  • Conditions and prepares soils and plants seeds, seedlings or bulbs in greenhouse or outdoor growing area, using spades, trowels, sprayers, sprinklers, cultivators and other gardening hand tools. 
  • Fertilizes, waters, weeds, transplants or thins plants in growing areas. Mixes and applies pesticides to maintain health of plants and prepare plants for installation in greenhouse or outdoor display areas. 
  • Maintains and repairs gardening hand tools and equipment and structures, such as greenhouses and hot beds, using maintenance tools.

Contact James O. Pomerlee or 662-675-2588 ext. 11

Jon K. Allison, Gardner Jon K. Allison

  • Duties at the PMC involve all aspects of our foundation seed program from initial increases of early plant releases, to full production in order to supply the commercial growers with the needed plant materials developed at the center.
  •  Involves a lot of agronomic and farming practices. Planting, weed and pest control, irrigation, harvesting and seed cleaning.
  • Soil fertility, crop rotation and application of conservation practices are required
  • Assisting the manager and agronomist in our research studies from technical standpoint.
  • Off center duties include plantings and demonstrations of plant based conservation practices.

Contact Jon K. Allison or 662-675-2588 ext. 18