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Seasonal High Tunnels

High tunnels are made of ribs of plastic or metal pipe covered with a layer of plastic sheeting. NRCS will provide financial assistance to fund one high tunnel per farm where there is existing cultivated cropland. NRCS will offer financial assistance for a high tunnel that covers up to five percent of an acre (2,178 square feet). Producers may build larger tunnels and pay 100 percent of the extra costs themselves. To receive assistance, eligible producers must use commercially manufactured high tunnel kits and no electrical, heating, or mechanical ventilation system can be added.

EQIP funds are also available to help fund supporting practices associated with the use of high tunnels. Examples of supporting practices include but are not limited to: diversions, critical area plantings, nutrient and pest management.

To apply for EQIP or to get more information about EQIP and other NRCS programs, contact the NRCS office serving your county. Look in the phone book under “U.S. Government, Department of Agriculture,” or access this website: You can also get information about NRCS programs online at

Mississippi High Tunnel System for Crops Interim Conservation Practice Job Sheet 798 (PDF, 414 KB)
High Tunnel Cropping Systems Through The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) (PDF, 54KB)
Interim Conservation Practice 798 - NRCS Report (PDF, 208 KB)
Mississippi High Tunnel System for Crops Conservation Practice Standard Statement of Work (PDF, 59KB)
Things to Consider Before the Purchase of a Seasonal High Tunnel(PDF, 52 KB)
Seasonal High Tunnel Q & A for Participation in NRCS Financial Assistance Programs (PDF, 178 KB)