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FY 2012 Mississippi Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP)


How to Apply for FY 2012 WHIP

The Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP) was reauthorized in the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (2008 Farm Bill).  WHIP is a voluntary program for private landowners to develop fish and wildlife habitat on private agricultural land, nonindustrial private forest land, and Indian land.  Through WHIP, eligible participants may receive financial and technical assistance to develop upland, wetland, riparian, and aquatic habitat areas on their property, by implementing conservation practices that establish, improve, protect, enhance or restore conditions for fish and wildlife.  To learn more about WHIP in Mississippi, see the Mississippi WHIP State Plan.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for WHIP the applicant must be an eligible producer with an interest in the agricultural requesting financial assistance on eligible land.  Generally, any person or entity engaged in livestock, crop or forestry production on eligible land may apply for WHIP.  Eligible land includes privately owned cropland, grassland, pastureland, nonindustrial private forestland, suitable for fish and wildlife habitat development.  Eligible land must have a resource concern identified by a certified conservation planner that the financially assisted practice will address.  Activities are carried out according to a WHIP Plan of Operations (WPO) developed with the producer that identifies the appropriate conservation practice(s) needed to address the identified resource concerns.  (Federal, State, county and local governments, political subdivisions of state governments, State agencies, State universities, organizations funded by any of these groups, or entities containing any of these groups are not eligible for WHIP, nor is the land they own.)

Conservation practices are subject to compliance with NRCS technical standards.  NRCS is not required to provide financial assistance for all activities required to meet the applicable NRCS technical standard.  Any practice(s) started before an approved WHIP contract is signed by a Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) representative signature is not eligible for financial assistance.

How to Apply

WHIP applications are accepted year round.  Interested parties may apply for WHIP at their local NRCS office in USDA Service Centers.  You local USDA Service Center agencies are also listed in the telephone book under United States Government, Department of Agriculture.

Mississippi NRCS FY2012 eligible WHIP applications submitted to NRCS through close of business October 30, 2011, will be considered for WHIP funding during the first ranking period. 

To apply for WHIP, applicants must first submit a recently-signed Conservation Program Application:

WHIP Application: NRCS-CPA-1200 with Appendix (39KB; PDF)

A conservation planner will assist applicants develop a wildlife habitat development plan and complete all required information for your WHIP application.  This plan will be the basis used by NRCS to complete the appropriate FY12 WHIP Application Form.  Applications that provide the most wildlife habitat benefit are the most competitive for WHIP funding.


Kurt Readus, Asst. State Conservation (Programs)
Phone: (601) 965-5205 ext. 2111

Clarence Finley, Resource Conservationist
Phone: (601) 965-4339 ext. 2114

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Yolanda Jackson at 601-965-4139 ext. 2166.