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MS Civil Rights| Mississippi NRCS

Civil Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Organizations 

 Civil Rights Logo

Mission Statement

To facilitate the fair and equitable treatment of USDA customers and employees while ensuring the delivery and enforcement of civil rights programs and activities.

Guiding Principles

We value our employees and customers and believe in the strength of diversity. We are committed to treating both with dignity and respect. We listen and learn. We take pride in our abilities and are dedicated to contributing to the success of the USDA. We encourage and reward creativity and teamwork. We are open and honest, holding ourselves accountable and possessing the highest level of integrity. We identify the needs and expectations of our employees and customers, and provide quality and timely products and services.

For a list of Special Emphasis Programs, please click  here. 

Permanent Officers/Advisors

Michael Carr,  Assistant State Conservationist (Management & Strategy) - Primary Advisor
601-965-5205 EXT. 180
Yolanda Nelson, Acting Human Resources Officer - Acting Advisor
601-965-5205 EXT. 162
Yvonne Steel, Equal Opportunity Advisor
601-965-5205 ext. 167
Leroy Luckett, Executive Assistant
601-965-5205 ext. 140
Gail Spears, Mississippi Soil & Water Conservation Commission Representative



Appointed Members

Name and Title

Committee Position

Phone Number


Tim Oakes, Conservation Program Analyst/Liaison 

Acting Chair, American Indian/Alaska Native Emphasis Program Manager


Expires: April 2017

Mary Ann Graham, Office Automation Assistant

Black Emphasis Program Manager

662-840-6475 EXT. 123

Expires: April 2016

Yolanda Jackson, Program Specialist/Webmaster

Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program Manager

601-965-5205 EXT. 166

Expires: May 2016

Dana Mayze, Program Specialist

State Office Representative/ Disability/Veterans Emphasis Program Manager

601-965-5205 EXT 146

Expires: March 2017

Nikesha Wells, Soil Conservationist

Federal Women’s Program Manager

601-296-1173 ext. 124

Expires: April 2016

Joxelle Velazquez, Soil Scientist

Hispanic Emphasis Program Manager

601-483-4100 ext. 113

Expires: May 2016

Yolanda Nelson, Human Resources Specialist

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Emphasis Program Manager

601-965-5205 ext. 162


February 2017

Rhonda Goolsby, Secretary

Area 1 Representative

662-538-0030 ext. 3


February 2017

Phillip Archie,

District Conservationist

Area 2 Representative

601-859-4272 ext. 3

Expires: April 2016

Earl McMillian,

District Conservationist

Parliamentarian/ Area 3 Representative


Expires: April 2016

Larry Pride, Soil Conservation Technician

Area 4 Representative


Expires: February 2017


Mississippi Civil Rights Committee Meeting - August 19, 2014

National Civil Rights Program