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Veterans Emphasis Program

A new Veterans Guide has been published by the Office of Personnel Management.  Section 6 details the Special Hiring Authorities able to veterans. The VEOA (Veterans Employment Opportunities Act) is a program which allows veterans who have served at least three years on active duty to apply for jobs, even if they may not be entitled to the 5 to 10 point preferences. Section 9 lists the campaign medals, etc., which qualify for Veterans Preference.


Veterans Guide
Veterans Preference Advisor
Department of Veterans Affairs
Specially Adapted Housing Program
Veterans' Preference and Federal Employment

Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office

Below is the address for Mississippi's Regional Office, where disabled veterans can get a "benefit letter for employment purposes", to support their claim for a 10-point veterans preference. They will also need to complete the SF-15 form when applying for jobs, claiming that preference. This form (and others) can be found at When submitting the benefit letter, the original should be kept and copies submitted.

Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office
1600 E. Woodrow Wilson Avenue
Jackson, MS  39216

For more information contact:

Dana Mayze
Veterans Emphasis Program Manager
Phone: 601-965-5205 EXT 182