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Federal Women's Program

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The Federal Women's Program (FWP) is a special emphasis program that was established in 1963 to enhance employment and remove employment barriers for women. Executive Order 11478, signed in 1969, brought the FWP into the overall Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program and placed it under the stewardship of the Director of EEO.

To ensure that agencies meet the requirements of the EEO laws, Executive Orders, and EEOC guidelines, the FWP Manager position was established to advise management and to analyze policies, practices, and procedures which may present barriers to the hiring and advancement of women employees.

Goals of the Federal Women's Program in Mississippi

  • Remove employment barriers for women.
  • Assure women are appropriately represented in the workforce.
  • Analyze policies, practices, and procedures of employment in Mississippi.
  • Provide a means for women to communicate their concerns to management.
  • To improve hiring, training, retention, and promotion opportunities for women.

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For more information contact:

Nikesha Wells
Federal Women's Program Manager
228-826-2482 ext. 3