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Black Emphasis Program

February is Black History Month


The Black Emphasis Program was established principal liaison between the National BEP and Black employees in the state.

Objectives of the Black Emphasis Program

  • To reduce employment/program complaints and findings of discrimination.
  • Improve outreach efforts to under utilized and under served communities.
  • To ensure that Equal Employment Opportunity is provided for African-Americans in recruitment, training, promotion, and upward mobility.
  • To provide an effective channel of communication to management regarding minority concerns and issues.
  • To utilize the knowledge and skills of all qualified individuals to include participation on boards, committees, and task groups.

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National Organization of Professional Black NRCS Employees (NOPBNRCSE)General Manual - Black Emphasis Program (230, Part 403, Subpart D)

For more information contact:

Mary Ann Graham,
Black Emphasis Program Manager
662-840-6475 ext. 123