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Administrative Staff | Mississippi NRCS

Kurt Readus, Acting State Administrative Officer        Kurt Readus

  • Directs Administrative Management Staff
  • Employee Relations (EEO Complaints, Grievances), Ethics Advisor
  • EO Liaison Officer
  • Training Officer, Safety & Health Officer
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Coordinator
  • Position Management
  • State Administrative Committee (SAC) Member
  • Bank of America Travel Card (Point of Contact)
  • State ACES Coordinat

Financial Disclosure OGE-450
GSA Forms, SF Electronic Forms, OF Electronic Forms
AD Forms

USDA Employee Directory
Civil Rights Training

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Human Resources Staff

Human Resources Manager(Vacant)

  • Supervises Human Resources Staff
  • Position Classification, Employment
  • EAP Coordinator
  • Alternate Ethics Advisor, Employee Relations
  • Retirement Counseling
  • Civil Rights Committee Advisor

Yolanda Nelson, Human Resources Specialist

  • Human Resources policy update
  • Position Classification
  • Staffing (Merit Promotion/DEU)
  • Retirement Counseling/Estimates
  • Employee Development
  • Military/Civilian Service estimates/deposits
  • Password reset for EmpowHR(ICAMS)

Shirley Washington, Human Resources Assistant

  • Processing personnel actions
  • OWCP (On the Job Injuries)
  • Savings Bonds, Health & Life Insurance, Thrift Savings Plan, Payroll actions
  • Leave Donor Coordinator, Personnel reports
  • Court Subpoenas, salary garnishments
  • eOPF
  • Service computation dates/length of service
  • Password reset of EmpowHR(ICAMS)

Title 360 - Human Resources GM
Title 230 - Equal Opportunity GM
Federal Pay Schedule
NFC Employee Personal Page
Employee Assistance Program
Code of Federal Regulations
Social Security
Summary of Vacancy Announcements
Employment Verification Service
Qualification Standards
Federal Employment Opportunities
USDA Employee Responsibilities & Conduct
Eauthentication Registration
Eauthentication Help Desk

Financial Management Staff

Kathy Price, Budget Officer

  • Supervises Financial Management Staff
  • Budget Formulation, Analysis and Execution
  • Federal Travel Regulations
  • Direct Charge Accounting
  • Certifying Officer, Collections Officer
  • Bank of America Travel Card (Alternate POC)
  • IAS Fund Approver

Vacant Position

  • Relocation Regulations/Relocation Authorizations and Vouchers
  • State Relocation Specialist
  • Budget Analysis
  • Alternate Certifying Officer
  • Collection Official
  • IAS Fund Approver
  • WebTCAS POI Coordinator/Timekeeper, Leave Audits, Salary Payment problems

Felicia Howard, Accounting Technician

  • Contract & Agreement Payments, Miscellaneous Payments, Cost-Share Agreements
  • Vendor Code Establishment
  • Tracking of financial transactions
  • Temporary Duty Travel Vouchers, TDY Travel Authorizations
  • Month End Accruals
  • Reimbursements, Refunds, Agency Financial Transfers, Interagency Bills
  • Bank of America Travel Card requests
  • WebTCAS POI Coordinator/Alternate Timekeeper

Title 250 Financial Management -GM
Domestic Per Diem Rates
Federal Travel Regulations
Relocation Information

Jaffry Ward, Voucher Examiner

  • Mail and Supply Management
  • Miscellaneous Payment processing
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • State Office Property Disposal
  • Reproduction Work

Management Services Staff

Verlene Ratliff, Contract Specialist

  • Award and administration of contracts
  • Approves payments to contractors
  • Reimbursable, trust fund, inter-agency, and other agreements

Faith Miller, Contract Specialist

  • Solicitations & Bids
  • Local Agency Program Coordinator (LAPC) for Purchase Card Management System
  • (PCMS) Transactions
  • IAS Assistance
  • CSP Agreements

Vacant Position

  • Service contract administration
  • Contract monitoring
  • Agreements review
  • IAS Assistance

Rebecca Dupree, Procurement & Property Specialist

  • Procurement over $2500
  • Fleet Management, Space Management, Property Management
  • Accidents, Records & Directives Management
  • Replacement of license plates & Voyager Cards
  • Copier Maintenance Agreement

Title 120 - Administrative Services -GM
NRCS Online Directive System
GSA Vehicle Sales
Agricultural Property Management Regulations
USDA Procurement Regulations