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XYZ File Conversion Program

Version 1.0, 2006

A new tool has been developed specifically for the Survey Engineering Tools (SET) program but can also be used independently for other applications (e.g., Eagle Point). XYZ File Conversion is a program that will convert DNR Garmin files and other coordinate files to a coordinate format that can be read by SET. Not only will it convert formats, but it will also convert between units (i.e., English and metric). For example, if a coordinate file contains X and Y coordinates in English units and elevations in metric units the program can convert the elevations to English units.

To use this program, simply open a file with the XYZ File Conversion program and specify the type of output file desired. The program will convert the file based on the parameters specified.

The following document requires Microsoft PowerPoint.

XYZ File Conversion Training (PPT, 572 KB)