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WinPond Design Program

Version 1.7, 2007

WinPond is a computer program for the field application of pond designs. The WinPond program is intended to assist engineers and engineering technicians in the design of ponds and structures. The program will assist in determining the auxiliary spillway and top of dam elevations by floodrouting the principal and auxiliary spillway storm events. Up to three trials may be entered to determine an auxiliary spillway elevation. Earthwork quantities (settled fill, constructed fill, stripping and core trench) may be computed.

This program is a replacement for the DOS Missouri Pond Design program.

The following documents require Acrobat Reader.

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WinPond Program FAQ

NRCS Employees must contact their local TSD staff for installation of this program.

NRCS Partners, Consultants, Technical Service Providers (TSP), Universities, Private Citizens, etc. can download the program from this site.