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Technical Soil Services

Technical Soil Services

Soil Scientists have completed an initial inventory of Missouri[s soils. Many people refer to this inventory as a published soil survey. The process of making the soil survey involved soil scientists describing, predicting, and recording the characteristics of soils. The process aimed at helping people understand and use soil information is called Technical Soil Services.

Often times, soil survey users (examples: natural resource specialists, private landowners, and engineers) can obtain the soil information they need from the published soil survey, but there are times when an on-site investigation will "bridge the gap" for site specific needs. Area Resource Soil Scientists provide the on-site technical soil services to all.

The following document requires Acrobat Reader.

Missouri NRCS Technical Soil Services Offices (PDF, 588 KB)

Missouri NRCS Wetland Contacts (PDF, 181 KB)