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CNMP Interview

Producer Preparation for CNMP Interview

Be prepared to discuss

  • Animal information
    • Animal types and phase(s)
    • Animal numbers
    • Number of days confined (% of manure produced that is collected)
  • Crop information
    • Types and rotations
    • Expected planting date(s)
    • Yield goal(s) and how yield goal(s) determined
    • Tillage information
  • Location of old, unused wells, sinkholes
  • Supplemental feed purchases
  • Additional water/bedding used

Have available farm copies of the following documents (if available):

Existing Resource Protection Plans

  • Current Conservation Plan (Based on RUSLE2 or equivalent)
  • Nutrient Management Plan
    • Soil test results
    • Manure test results
  • Feed Management Plan
    • Current feed rations
    • Inventory of on-farm feed sources
  • Prescribed Grazing Plan
  • Pest Management Plan

Supporting Documents

  • DNR-issued permit for CAFO and/or livestock siting (if applicable)
  • Construction plans and as-built documentation for installed farmstead practices such as:
    • Manure storage
    • Waste/manure transfer
    • Livestock shelters, travel lanes, and rest areas
  • Operations and Maintenance Plans for the practices listed above


  • Maps showing locations of conservation practices
  • Current crop field maps of the operation
  • Maps showing manure spreading restriction maps (setbacks)
  • Map or diagram of the farmstead with major structures and surface water conveyance practices labeled