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Missouri Technical Notes

The following documents require Acrobat Reader.


Tech Notes

Agronomy Tech Note 36: Legume Inoculation, 08/22/08

Agronomy Tech Note 35: Variable-Rate Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in Corn, Using In-field Sensing of Leaves or Canopy, 09/15/06

Agronomy Tech Note 34: Using Nitrification Inhibitors in Missouri, 02/08/08

Agronomy Tech Note 40: Guidlines for Herbaceous Stand Evaluation, 04/2013

Agronomy Tech Note 39: Big Bluestem and Indiangrass for Biomass Production, 03/2011

Agronomy Tech Note 38: What to Review on a Seed Tag and Seed Industry Terminology, 02/2010

Agronomy Tech Note 37: Switchgrass for Biomass Production by Variety Selection and Establishment Methods for Missouri, Illinois and Iowa, 01/2009

Information Sheets

IS-MO-344: Tillage Equipment

IS-MO-340: Using Cover Crops for Prevented Planting Acres

Job Sheets

JS-332: Contour Buffer Strips

JS-386: Field Border

JS-393: Filter Strip

JS-412: Grassed Waterway and Vegetated Filter

JS-590: Nutrient Management

JS-595: Pest Management

JS-601: Vegetative Barrier

JS-Agron-2:  Erosion Control Inventory Worksheet

JS-Agron-18:  Prescribed Burn Plan Worksheet

JS-Agron-31:  Crop Management Inventory Worksheet

JS-Agron-32:  Pest Management Worksheet

JS-Agron-33:  Grassland Management Inventory Worksheet

JS-Agron-35: Seasonal High Tunnel System for Crops


Tech Note

Technical Note 9: Guidance for determining the hazard classification of small dams and working tools that may be used in arriving at the proper classification.


Job Sheets

JS-MO490 Forest Site Preparation

JS-MO612 Tree and Shrub Establishment

JS-MO612ds Tree and Shrub Establishment, Direct Seeding

JS-MO612nr Tree and Shrub Establishment, Natural Regeneration

JS-MO655 Forest Trails and Landings

JS-MO666 Forest Stand Improvement

JS-WOOD-16 (Rev. 5): Woodland Inventory Sheet for Upland Oak-Hickory Forests  (XLS)

Information Sheets

IS-MO528gg:  Planning Prescribed Grazing with Goats

Missouri CSP Species List for Pasture Condition Scoring

The Economics of Replacing Endophyte Infected Fescue with Novel Endophyte Fescue on Cow-Calf and Beef Stocker Operations

Job Sheets


Tech Notes

MO-1: Utilizing a Garmin GPSmap 76 for Field Data Collection in Missouri, 06/13/2005

MO-2: Utilizing a ProXYZ Unit for Field Data Collection in Missouri, 04/16/2010

MO-3: LiDAR USER'S GUIDE for ArcMap 9.2, 04/20/2010

MO-4: Using Missouri NRCS Developed ArcPad Tools, 05/10/2012

MO-5: LiDAR Surface User's Guide for ESRI ArcMap 10.0, 10/30/2013


Information Sheets

IS-MO643F Native Forbs (PDF, 344 KB)

Job Sheets

JS-16: Permanent Forest Openings for Wildlife

JS-17: Shallow Water Management for Wildlife

JS-18: Edge Feathering-Forest Edge

JS-19: Quail Covey Headquarters

JS-20: Native Forb and Non-Native Legume Interseeding

JS-21: Downed Tree Structure

JS-22: Edge Feathering-Fencelines/Woody Draws

JS-23: Woody Cover Control-Prairie/Glades/Savanna/Open Woodland

JS-24: Disking for Early Successional Habitat

JS-25: Food Plots

JS-26: Herbicide Application for Plant Succession Management

JS-27: Temporary Forest Openings for Wildlife

JS-28: Wildlife Water Facility

JS-31: Managing Native Hay Prairies

JS-32: Glade, Prairie and Savanna Herbaceous Establishment

JS-34: Native Pollinators

JS-36: Glade Restoration

JS-37: Open Woodland-Oak Savanna Restoration

Habitat Appraisal Guides: Communities

Bobwhite Quail Habitat Appraisal Guide, Missouri

Bobwhite Quail Habitat Appraisal Tool, Missouri

Cropland Community Model

Cropland Community WHAG Model Instructions

Early Successional Vegetation Community Model

Early Successional Community WHAG Model Instructions

Flooded Cropfield Community Model

Flooded Cropfield Community WHAG Model Instructions

Forest Community Model

Forest Community WHAG Model Instructions

Glade Community Model

Glade Community WHAG Model Instructions

Marsh Community Model

Other Agricultural Land Community Model

Other Agricultural Land Community WHAG Model Instructions

Prairie and Grassland Community Model

Prairie/Grassland Community WHAG Model Instructions

Riparian Community Model

Riparian Community WHAG Model Instructions

Savanna and Open Woodland Community Model

Savanna and Open Woodland Community WHAG Model Instructions