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Missouri Major Land Resource Area Revisions (MLRA)

In 2002, the Missouri NRCS completed a major revision of  Missouri's MLRA boundaries. This was part of a larger NRCS effort to update the national MLRA map. All changes will be reviewed and approved by the appropriate NRCS regional, MLRA and state staff's prior to inclusion in the next edition of Ag Handbook 296 - Land Resource Regions and Major Land Resource Areas of the United States. The boundaries shown on this map have been compiled using the 1:100,000 scale Missouri ECS LTA ecosystem units. Boundaries submitted for the inclusion in the revised national MLRA coverage will be smoothed to conform to the national NRCS mapping protocol.

Several significant changes have been made as part of the revision. M108, considered for elimination, will be kept but modified based on Missouri ECS LTA's. N116A and N116B have been combined to form a new Ozark Highland unit. The Springfield Plain, part of old N116B, has been established as a new MLRA. The St. Francois Knobs and Basins, formerly included in N116A, will be a new unit. The Central Mississippi Valley and Wooded Slopes, M115, has been subdivided into "B" and "C" units. The Chariton River Hills portion of M115 has been reassigned to M109.

The following document requires Acrobat Reader.

   Missouri Major Land Resource Area map (PDF, 99 KB)