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Nutrient Management

"NUTBAL" (Nutritional Balance Analyzer) Training
Nutritional Workshops are conducted by the Grazing Lands Technology Institute throughout the year at various locations around the country, in cooperation with Texas A&M University.  These 2-day workshops are designed to train agency personnel, cooperating ranchers, extension personnel and researchers in the use of the NUTBAL software when they work with landowners.  NUTBAL is part of the FOCS Grazing Land Applications software that concerns the relationship between forage quality and animal well being.  If you would like to attend a workshop, contact Arnold Norman, USDA-NRCS Grazing Lands Technology Institute. Telephone: (817) 334-5232.

Nutrition Videos
The Grazing Lands Technology Institute, in cooperation with Texas A&M University, has developed two videos on animal nutrition.  Both videos are training tools to help the viewer understand animal nutrition and its importance in production and conservation on grazing lands.  Contact Dianne Johnson, Secretary. Telephone: (817) 509-3220.