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TechReg - Register, certify and manage TSP credentials

What is a Technical Service Provider or TSP?

Technical Service Providers (TSPs) are individuals or businesses that have technical expertise in conservation planning and design for a variety of conservation activities. TSPs are hired by farmers, ranchers, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, or public agencies to provide these services on behalf of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).  Each certified TSP is listed on the NRCS TSP online registry, TechReg.  The TSP registration and approval process involves required training and verification of essential education, knowledge, skills and abilities. 


TechReg - NRCS's online TSP Registry


TechReg is the online registry of Technical Service Providers where: 

New and Certified TSPs can login to techreg button
Landowners looking for assistance can find a tsp button
Individuals and businesses can become a tsp button


What kind of work can a TSP do?

TSP's provide conservation technical services to NRCS clients in two broad areas: Conservation Activity Plan (CAP) development and Conservation Practice design, installation and checkout.  There are 14 separate CAPs and the conservation practices are grouped into several different categories, each with their own eligibility requirements. 

Technical Service Providers Factsheet (PDF, 477KB)


Conservation Activity Plans (CAPs)

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) supports payment for practices involving the development of certain plans called "Conservation Activity Plans" or CAPs.  Only certified TSPs can be hired to complete these plans.  additional information for CAPs can be accessed from the EQIP CAPs webpage.  Much of the information regarding CAPs found on the TSP Website links from information housed on the EQIP CAPs webpage.  The EQIP CAPs webpage also contains links to CAPs information from previous years.

ARCHIVES: 2013-2015 CAP information can be viewed by looking up the specific year under Previous CAP Resources on the EQIP CAP's webpage or use the links below:

Conservation Practice Design, Installation and Checkout

TSP Resources 

What's New?

News & Events - Current TSP News & Events.

NEW (11-2-15) National Bulletin 300-16-4 LTP-EQIP Conservation Activity Plans for FY 2016 was posted.  The plan development criteria and templates for CAPs for Fiscal Year 2016 have been posted on the EQIP and TSP websites.  Certification criteria for the CAPs has not been published in TechReg yet, but will follow soon. 

NEW (10-13-15) FY 2016 USDA Information Security Awareness Training has been posted and is required of all TSPs who have an eAuthentication Login and an AgLearn Account.  You may access the course through AgLearn.  For those TSPs who do not have an AgLearn account or have an AgLearn account that has been deactivated, please work with your resident State TSP Coordinator to complete the requirement.  

New (10-9-15) USDA's Anti-Harassment Policy and Certification Statement requirement for all TSPs.  This policy reinforces USDA's zero-tolerance for any form of harassment.  TSPs must read the policy and sign the certification statement in Aglearn.  For those TSPs who do not have an AgLearn account or have an AgLearn account that has been deactivated, please work with your resident State TSP Coordinator to complete the requirement.  

NEW (10-2-15) NRCS Certified Conservation Planner-State Specific Training Modules are now available for TSPs who are required to take them for TSP certification.

(4-22-15)  2014 Farm Bill 7 CFR 652 Final Rule-The “Changes to Existing Conservation Program Regulations” was published in the Federal Register at the following web location:


REMINDER-Your password for accessing TechReg expires every 6 months.  Please try to keep your password current.  If you are having trouble accessing your profile due to an inactive account, please contact the eAuthentication Help Desk and request for your password to be resetDO NOT CREATE A NEW EAUTH ACCOUNT, LOG IN AND PASSWORD OR NEW TECHREG PROFILE.



Send the National TSP Team a comment.

You can get technical support a number of ways:

Contact TechReg Support by email.

For problems with your USDA eAuthentication account email the eAuth Help Desk or contact the USDA help desk via phone at 1-800-457-3642.

Contact the National TSP Team by email for questions about certification, policy, rules, and general questions about the TSP Program.