Watershed Rehabilitation Program

Watershed Rehabilitation Program (Public Law 106-472)

Also known as "The Small Watershed Rehabilitation Amendments of 2000."

The Watershed Rehabilitation Program (PL-472) is administered by NRCS to assist project sponsors with rehabilitation of aging project dams. Only dams installed under PL-566, the Pilot Watershed Program, PL-534, or RC&D Programs are eligible. The purpose of PL-472 is to extend the service life of dams and meet applicable safety and performance standards. Priority is given to those structures that pose the highest risk to life and property. Projects are eligible when hazard to life and property increases due to downstream development and when there is need for rehabilitation to extend the planned life of a structure. Rehabilitation Program work can consist of repairing or replacing deteriorated components, repairing damages from catastrophic events, upgrading the structure to meet state dam safety laws, or to decommission a structure.

An application for NRCS assistance must be submitted by the responsible Sponsoring Local Organization. Federal financial assistance is 65 percent of the total rehabilitation cost, not to exceed 100 percent of the construction cost. The local sponsors are responsible for the non-federal share of rehabilitation costs. The Rehabilitation Program cannot be used for operation and maintenance.