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Plant Materials Center

The purpose of the program is to provide native plants that can help solve natural resource problems. Beneficial uses for which plant material may be developed include biomass production, carbon sequestration, erosion reduction, wetland restoration, water quality improvement, streambank and riparian area protection, coastal dune stabilization, and other special conservation treatment needs. Scientists at the Plant Materials Centers seek out plants that show promise for meeting an identified conservation need and test their performance. After species are proven, they are released to the private sector for commercial production. The work at the 26 centers is carried out cooperatively with state and Federal agencies, commercial businesses, and seed and nursery associations.

Missouri Plant Materials Center, Elsberry, MO: Established 1934

The Elsberry Plant Materials Center (MOPMC) develops plants and new planting technologies for areas of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. The area includes; glacial till prairies, Mississippi valley; loess hills, Iowa; and Mississippi deep loess heavy till plains; thin loess hills and plains, Mississippi valley slopes; and the Ozark highlands. Major land uses include corn, soybeans, cattle, and swine farming. The primary resource concerns are soil erosion, water quality, cropland erosion; low forage production; shoreline/streambank erosion; point sources of pollution from concentrated animal by-products, storm-water run-off and waste water; wetland loss; and non-point pollution sources from agricultural lands. The Elsberry Plant Materials Center has developed more than 80 conservation plants including sideoats grama, big bluestem, prairie coreopsis, roughleaf dogwood, pale purple coneflower, thickspike gayfeather, tall dropseed, and stiff goldenrod. Technologies for hay and pasture management, native plant establishment, windbreaks, and wildlife habitat are developed.

Missouri Plant Materials Center Contact Information

Ron Cordsiemon: Plant Materials Center Manager
2803 N. Highway 79
Elsberry, MO 63343
Phone: 573-898-2012

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