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Lynn Leimkuehler, Resource Conservationist

Lynn LeimkuehlerLynn Leimkuehler has all the same job challenges as others in the high-workload NRCS offices in northwestern Missouri. But Leimkuehler, resource conservationist at Carrollton, Missouri, has the added challenges of performing his duties as a paraplegic. He doesn't let the disability he sustained in an automobile accident when he was 18 get in the way of helping people help the land, though. He has a lift on his truck which allows him to drive, and he utilizes an ATV to get around in the field.

"I like working with landowners and helping them with their conservation problems," Leimkuehler says. "And I have really enjoyed getting to know and use GPS and global positioning equipment."

Leimkuehler, who has worked for NRCS since 1994, says he is proud of the positive influence he believes he has had on others, including other people with disabilities. He was able to do that for other NRCS employees for awhile when he served as the Disability Emphasis Program Manager in Missouri. And he has been able to do the same thing with NRCS customers.

"In our county, several people in wheelchairs have come in, and I've been able to relate to them and encourage them to get conservation plans and to utilize conservation practices and programs," he says. "I'm proud that I have been able to convince them of the environmental and economic benefits of using conservation."

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