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State Conservationist's Staff

State Conservationist Fax:

State Office Programs and Financial Management Fax:

State Conservationist's Staff   573-876-0901
State Conservationist J.R. Flores 573-876-0901
Executive Assistant Sonja Williams 573-876-0909
Assistant State Conservationist-Management and Strategy Joe Steuber 573-876-9424
Assistant State Conservationist-Programs Curt McDaniel 573-876-9363
Assistant State Conservationist-Water Resources Harold Deckerd 573-876-9421
State Conservation Engineer Marty Comstock (Acting) 573-876-0910
State Public Affairs Officer Charlie Rahm 573-876-0911
State Resource Conservationist Dwaine Gelnar 573-876-0908
State Soil Scientist Jorge Lugo-Camacho 573-876-0907