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Missouri NRCS Outreach

NRCS strives to provide fair and equitable access to, and delivery of, its programs and services. Outreach is our way of conducting business to ensure that all of our potential customers are made aware of our programs and services and that they understand them.

Outreach involves making special efforts to reach out to individuals and groups of people who have been historically underserved. Our non-traditional customers are culturally diverse residents of both urban and rural settings who have not participated in NRCS programs or who have received limited benefits from the programs. These non-traditional customers include limited-resource producers, small-operation farmers and ranchers, members of minority groups, and women.

Effective outreach requires flexible approaches. It means listening first and then matching your message to the customers. It means communicating in new ways to new audiences to get our message to customers who are culturally and racially diverse.

Outreach to all customers and potential customers is an important responsibility of every NRCS employee. Outreach activities should be planned and captured in the annual business plan so that staff know what accomplishments are expected during the year. Every service center is required to have an annual business plan which includes outreach action items.

Our success with outreach is measured by the lasting relationships and partnerships we develop with our underserved clientele. Successful program outreach will enhance the lives and livelihood of these customers and benefit Missouri's natural resources.

Outreach Resources For Absentee Landowners

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