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Special Emphasis Programs (Safety/Health)

Safety/Health Committee

This committee reviews safety and health inspections; reports of serious accidents, injury, and illness statistics; and safety and health management activities. The committee also recommends preventative programs.

Dick Purcell (Appointed by the State Conservationist)

State Office Advisor
Gena Michalson, Human Resources Manager (Continuous Term)

State Office
Kelly Schweikert, Civil Engineering Technician (Term expires September 2015)

Area 1
Joshua Davis, Soil Conservationist (Term expires September 2015)

Area 2
Rese Coulter, Lead Area Engineer (Term expires September 2015)

Area 3
Shawn Keller, Resource Conservationist (Term expires September 2014)

Area 4
Michael Malone, Civil Engineer (Term expires September 2014)