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Special Emphasis Programs (Accident Review)

Accident Review Committee

The Accident Review committee reviews reports of accidents, damage and/or loss of NRCS property, and makes recommendations to the state conservationist on pecuniary liability, preventability, and disciplinary action.

State Office
Carl Wallace, Contract Specialist (continuous term)

Area 1
Fred Cummings, Soil Conservationist (term expires September 2014)
660-442-3173 x 3

Area 2
Tony Hoover, District Conservationist (term expires September 2014)
573-875-5540 x 3

Area 3
Shawn Keller, Resource Conservationist (term expires September 2015)
636-922-2833 x 3

Area 4
Mary Giles, Information Specialist (term expires September 2015)
417-581-2719 x 6