Draft Standards

Draft Standards (DS), Construction Specifications (CS), Information Sheets (IS), Operations and Maintenance Plans (OM), Statements of Work (SOW), Job Sheet (JS) and Tables (T)

The following standards are for review and comment.  These documents will be posted for 45 days.

The following documents require Acrobat Reader.

August 20, 2014

DS-657: Wetland Restoration (PDF, 145 KB)
Draft Spec-657: Wetland Restoration (PDF, 58 KB)
SOW-657: Wetland Restoration (PDF, 33 KB)

DS-658: Wetland Creation (PDF, 84 KB)
SOW-658: Wetland Creation (PDF, 34 KB)

DS-659: Wetland Enhancement (PDF, 88 KB)
SOW-659: Wetland Enhancement (PDF, 34 KB)

August 18, 2014

DS-574: Spring Development (PDF, 52 KB)
Draft Spec-574: Spring Development (PDF, 38 KB)
SOW-574: Spring Development (PDF, 32 KB)

DS-630 Vertical Drain (PDF, 37 KB)
Draft Spec-630: Vertical Drain (PDF, 35 KB)
SOW-630: Vertical Drain (PDF, 27 KB)

August 14, 2014

DS-402: Dam (PDF, 59 KB)
SOW-402: Dam (PDF41 KB)

DS-570: Stormwater Runoff Control (PDF, 62 KB)
SOW-570: Stormwater Runoff Control (PDF, 40 KB)

DS-580: Streambank and Shoreline Protection (PDF, 76 KB)
SOW-580: Streambank and Shoreline Protection (PDF, 41 KB)

DS-620: Underground Outlet (PDF, 64 KB)
SOW-620: Underground Outlet (PDF, 41 KB)
Draft Spec-620: Underground Outlet (PDF, 76 KB)