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Minnesota NRCS Material Specifications

Aggregates and Rock Date Specification
MN-305 Aggregates for Sand-Gravel Slope Protection 5/05 (DOC) ;32 KB
MN-523 Rock for Riprap 8/15 (DOC) ;28 KB
Water Control Gates and Valves Date Specification
MN-302 Gate Valves, Iron Body, Bronze Mounted 5/01 (DOC) ;30 KB
Miscellaneous Materials Date Specification
MN-306 Pre-Packaged Anodes and Connections 5/05 (DOC) ;34 KB
MN-353 Grid Confinement System 5/05 (DOC) ;26 KB
MN-592 Geotextile 5/11 (DOC) ;57 KB

For all other material specifications, refer to NEH Part642, Chapter 3
"National Material Specifications"

Revised December, 2015

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