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Engineers Meeting

2011, March 22-24

These documents have the Agenda and the names of the attendees.

The following document requires Acrobat Reader.

2011 Conservation Partnership Engineering Meeting Agenda (PDF; 68 KB)
Sign in Sheets (ZIP; 883 KB)
Group photo (JPG; 312 KB)

Documents from 2011 engineers meeting.

The following document requires Acrobat Reader.

ALL engineering meeting files (ZIP; 30.0 MG)
Air Vac Gravity PipelineDusekKunkelMarch11.pdf (PDF; 571 KB)
AirVacIssuesVideoDusekMarch11.AVI (AVI; 6,643 KB)
Artic Concrete Chute Design SwanbergMarch11.pdf (PDF; 496 KB)
Articulated Concrete Chute Design_final.pptx (PPTX; 10,026 KB)
CMP IssuesRevDusek EllefsonMarch11.pdf (PDF; 855 KB)
EcodrumDusekHahnPetersonMarch11.pdf (PDF; 1,225 KB)
Engineering Ethics.pdf (PDF; 271 KB)
GenexManure Separator PowerMarch11.pdf (PDF; 838 KB)
GIS_HYDRO_toolMead32311.pdf (PDF; 412 KB)
Hydraulics of Semi Circular Weirs_final.pptx (PPTX; 1,909 KB)
HydraulicsSemi Circular Weirs SwanbergMarch11.pdf (PDF; 300 KB)
LiDAR comparisonDrakeMarch11.pdf (PDF; 210 KB)
Lined waterway or outlet_final.pptx (PPTX; 1,115 KB)
Lined waterway or outletSwanbergMarch11.pdf (PDF; 196 KB)
NEM 527.pdf (PDF; 283 KB)
Parlor WastewaterSpartzMarch11.pdf (PDF; 839 KB)
Riceland_Wetland_BWSRSwanbergMarch11.pdf (PDF; 1,591 KB)
RIM-WRP Issues Area6SmithMarch11.pdf (PDF; 34 KB)
StormwaterMarch11SMMJ.pdf (PDF; 419 KB)
TDT vs Excel Schemel March11.pdf (PDF; 914 KB)
Toe Wood Sod Mat32211SMMJ.pdf (PDF; 785 KB)
ToewoodSmithMarch11.pdf (PDF; 623 KB)
Variable Rate IrrigationSMMJ32211.pdf (PDF; 144 KB)
Whitewater River Riprap Fryer March11.pdf (PDF; 409 KB)