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Pest Management Planning Aids

These documents require Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel.

Pest Management Inventory Worksheet (xls; 135 KB)
(USDA-NRCS-Minnesota Form MN-CPA-024)
Form used to gather current pest and pest management information from a producer and to help develop a pest management plan with the producer.

Pest Management Job Sheet 595b (pdf; 29 KB)
Used to schedule 1st year pest management for EQIP contracts.

Pest Management Plan (doc; 188 KB) (USDA-NRCS-Minnesota Form MN-CPA-047)
Form used to identify target pests and control techniques to use on individual fields.

Minnesota NRCS Mitigation Table (pdf; 40 KB) Describes effects of pest management and conservation practices on movement of pesticides towards water bodies. Used in a general way to help select practices to reduce movement potential of high risk products on high risk sites (WIN-PST ratings of Intermediate or higher). Not Minnesota Specific. 

Scouting Manual (PDF; 2.9 MB)
Univ. of Wisconsin Extension Service Scouting Manual.

National NRCS environmental risk screening tool used to evaluate relative potential for pesticides to move with water and eroded soil/organic matter and affect non-target organisms. Use required for EQIP funded pest management.  

Producer Self-Assessment tool for evaluating well contamination potential from Farmstead activities. Completion of Worksheets and Fact sheets 2 (Pesticide Storage and Handling) are required for EQIP cost-shared pest management.

The complete set of Worksheets and Factsheets is available from  NRCS in New Jersey.

Water Quality Best Management Practices (BMPs)
The MDA has adopted a set of core Water Quality BMPs for all agricultural herbicides as well as BMPs specific to herbicide products containing acetochlor, alachlor, atrazine, metolachlor and metribuzin. These practices can reduce herbicide leaching into groundwater, or runoff into surface water, with consideration given to the unique setting and specific needs of each farming operation. Adoption of one or move of the herbicide product specific BMPs is required for EQIP cost-shared pest management.

Chemicals, Safety & the Environment
Link to Univ. of Minn. website on Chemicals, Safety & the Environment on the farm.

Applied Weed Science Research   03/08
Link to Univ of Minn. website. Numerous information sources including “Cultural and Chemical Weed Control in Field Crops

Sensitive Areas   03/08
Link to Nutrient Management site containing sensitive feature information and links.