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Products of Rapid Watershed Assessment


Resource Profile

RWA Resource Profiles organize multiple forms of information from many sources to aid local conservationists, landowners and others in identifying conservation opportunities on the watershed level.

The resource profile compiles the best readily-available data, including:

  • A general description of the location, size, and political units associated with the watershed.
  • Physical description including land use/land cover, precipitation, common resource areas, stream flow data, land capability class, etc.
  • Known resource concerns.
  • Census and social data.
  • Status and history of resource conservation in the watershed.
  • References and data sources.
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Assessment Matrix

The Assessment Matrix summarizes, in tabular form, current resource conditions and related maintenance costs. It also summarizes desired resource conditions, conservation opportunities and related installation and maintenance costs, qualitative effects on primary resource concerns, and potential funding sources for conservation implementation.

The Assessment Matrix contains:

  • Current Conditions Table-detailing the current level of conservation in the watershed.
  • Future Conditions Table-identifying appropriate suites of conservation practices needed to deal with the primary resource concerns for each land use.
  • Summary Table-summarizing the various costs associated with the Resource Management Systems developed in the previous step.
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