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Biology Technical Notes

 Updated 09/25/2013

These documents require Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word.


Note  File Type Date Issue Name
 1  Web link  May 1996 Minnesota List of Plants That Occur in Wetlands.
 2  Web link  May 1996 Common Plant Species of The Wetland/Upland Transition Zone
 3 pdf;395 KB  May 1996 Wildlife Value of Single-row Shelterbelts / Windbreaks






 pdf; 185 KB

pdf; 327 KB

Excel; 166 KB

Excel; 170 KB

 October 1997 Minnesota Wildlife Habitat Evaluation System
 5 pdf;186 KB  October 1996 Evaluating Factors Limiting Dabbling Duck Production
 6    May 1999 Woodworking for Wildlife: Homes for Birds and Mammals & Field Office Reference Book
 7  Web link  May 1997 Nest Structures For Ducks and Geese
 8  Web link  December 1997 Ecological Classification System for Minnesota
 9  Web link  August 2002 Fish and Wildlife Guide Sheets
 10 pdf; 66 KB  April 2000  Food Security Act - Obvious Wetland Determinations
 11  Web link  March 2001 Biology Job Sheets Section IV,  (eFOTG)
 12 pdf; 98 KB  Jan 2002 DNR - MPCA List of Known Calcareous Fen Sites in Minnesota
 13 pdf;740 kB  July 2007 Prescribed Burning in Minnesota
 14 pdf; 1711 KB   Shoreland Habitat Restoration
 15 pdf; 236 KB   MN Rankings For Native Forb Tolerance to Aminopyralid (Milestone®) and Clopyralid (Transline®) Herbicides.
 16 pdf; 3626 KB   Riparian Habitat Guide (Trout, Amphibians, Reptiles and Birds)

 Full Report

 Site Level Matrix 


pdf; 3626 KB

pdf; 75 KB


 September 2013 Recommendations for Tree and Forest Establishment and Management in Minnesota’s Prairie Region
18 pdf; 52 KB September 2013 Woody Habitat/Tree Drops for Fish Habitat