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Updated 07/12/2012

Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, Version 2 (RUSLE2)

RUSLE2 is used to evaluate potential erosion rates at specific sites as well as guide conservation and erosion control planning. It also provides economic information about fuel use and costs for specific crop management systems. RUSLE2 uses factors that represent the effects of climate, soil Erodibility, topography, cover management and support practices to compute soil erosion. Conservation planning concepts must be understood and implemented into the RUSLE2 program in order for this program to be used effectively.

NEW!! RUSLE2 Version (Nov. 2006)

The official NRCS RUSLE2 Program Website has the program and databases to download. Installation instructions for the program and the databases are on the website and also in the document, below. RUSLE2 software will be installed by IT staff on Government equipment.

These documents require Adobe Acrobat. Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word

Software Installation Instructions (pdf; 164 KB) – Includes basic set up and updating the moses database file.

Importing New Soils File (pdf; 432 KB)

Importing Soils, Climate and Management Info into Base Database (pdf; 714 KB)  ** Note: The management zones used in Minnesota are CMZ 1, 2 and 4.

Importing Database Update File (pdf; 721 KB)

User's Guide (pdf; 1538 KB) – Instructions for using the program, including screen prints and explanations of the components of the program

Additions to RUSLE2 User's Guide (pdf; 490 KB)  – Additional instructions for the use of supporting practices, additions of manure in a rotation, organic soils, and printing

Building a New Rotation in RUSLE2 (pdf; 751KB)

Abbreviations Used for Management Templates (pdf; 19 KB)
Exporting Files (pdf; 131 KB) – instructions for exporting information from RUSLE2 so that it can be sent to other users via email

Importing Files From Email (pdf; 229 KB)

Sod Farming Soil Removal (oxl; 16 KB)

B&B Soil Removal for SCI (xls; 158 KB)

Growbag Soil Removal for SCI (xls; 90 KB)

SCI Procedure for Organic Soils (pdf; 118 KB)

Agronomy Tech Note #14 (pdf; 34 KB) -  Most Limiting area of Significant extent – shows how to select the correct soil unit and slope length and steepness factors

Using RUSLE2 to Estimate Sediment Delivery (doc; 768 KB)

Ephemeral Gullies and Rills – Definitions (doc; 30 KB)

RUSLE2 Frequently Asked Questions
 (doc; 977)

Guidelines for Calculating Manure Dry Weight and Effectiveness (doc; 209 KB)

Guidelines for Estimating Soil Erosion Wotj Terraces (doc; 29 KB)

Use of the Contouring and Cross Slope Farming  Factor (doc; 25 KB)