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GIS - ArcGIS Tips and Instructions

These documents require Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word

The following documents will aid users in using and understanding ArcGIS.  They offer step-by-step instructions on how to do various ArcGIS functions and are meant to be completed sequentially.  All Exercises call for data from the f:\geodata directory.  

If anyone has suggestions for other processes to be added or other tips and tricks to share, please contact the State GIS Coordinator.

ArcGIS 9.1 Step-by-Step Instructions: Right Click on Name, click on Save Target As and navigate to where you want to save the file.

General Tips:

Adobe Acrobat DocumentConvert ArcMap Project to AutoCAD Map 5 (240 KB)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentExporting from ArcCAD Map 5 to ArcMap (467 KB)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentDetermining Average Slope for Small Watersheds (485 KB)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentDetermining Hydrologic Groups by Landuse for Small Watersheds (1133 KB)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentCreate Shortcuts to Folders (240 Kb)