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Plant Materials

Updated 04/21/2016

Many of today's environmental problems can be addressed effectively through the use of plants. Plants Materials Centers and Specialists provide state-of-the-art technology to help field offices and land users solve critical natural resource issues. The Plant Materials Program strives to meet the challenge by: a) developing new technology for current conservation needs, and b) transferring this information to its customers. The National Plant Materials Program:

• focuses on using native plants as a healthy way to solve conservation problems and protect ecosystems.
• Develops improved plants and plant technology for the conservation of our Nation’s natural resources.
• Works with a broad range of species, including grasses, forbs, trees, and shrubs.
• Seeks to address the needs of field offices and land managers in both the public and private sectors.
• Transfers our technology by working with NRCS field offices and other cooperators to apply new conservation methods.

National Plant Materials Program
North Dakota Plant Materials Center
Plant Materials Program Reference

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