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Lester - Loam

The Lester Series consists of very deep, well drained soils that formed in loamy, calcareous glacial till, on ground moraines. Slopes range from 5 to 70 percent. Mean annual precipitation is about 28 inches and mean annual soil temperature is about 49 degrees.

These soils formed under wooded vegetation that has been removed in many areas for agricultural production. Where used for crops, corn and soybeans are the principal ones. Corn yields range from 139 to 187 bushels/acre and soybeans from 42 to 55 bushels/acre, depending on percent slope and climate in Major Land Resource Area 103.

Lester small picture

Lester soils are of moderate extent, occurring in 75 map units in 17 counties in south-central Minnesota. Total acres are over 600,000.

Official Series Description of Lester

Typical Soil Landscape for Lester Loam in Martin County, showing wooded areas near Wilmert Lake and adjacent cropland where trees have been removed.