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CCRP Eligibility Documents

CCRP Eligibility - Agronomy
Minnesota NRCS

Updated 3/19/2015

Practice Eligibility Documentation

These documents require Microsoft Word.

CP #

Practice Title

CP5a (DOC; 67 KB)

Field Windbreak Establishment

CP8a (DOC; 52 KB)

Grass Waterways

CP9 (DOC; 38 KB)

Shallow Water Areas for Wildlife

CP15a (DOC; 43 KB)

Establishment of Permanent Vegetative Cover (Contour Grass Strips)

CP15b (DOC; 35 KB)

Establishment of Permanent Vegetative Cover (Contour Grass Strips) on Terraces

CP16a (DOC; 41 KB)

Shelterbelt Establishment

CP17a (DOC; 53 KB)

Living Snow Fences

CP18b/c (DOC; 54 KB)

Establishment of Permanent Vegetation to Reduce Salinity / Salt Tolerant Cover

CP21 (DOC; 59 KB)

Filter Strips

CP22 (DOC; 66 KB)

Riparian Buffer

CP23 (DOC; 40 KB)

Wetland Restoration, Floodplain

CP23a (DOC; 39 KB)

Wetland Restoration, Non-Floodplain

CP24 (DOC; 39 KB)

Establishment of Permanent Vegetative Cover as Cross Wind Trap Strips

CP27/28 (DOC; 109 KB)

Farmable Wetlands (FWP) Program Pilot Wetland/Buffer

CP29 (DOC; 43 KB)

Marginal Pastureland Wildlife Habitat Buffer

CP30 (DOC; 43 KB)

Marginal Pastureland Wetland Buffer

CP31  (DOC; 37 KB)

Bottomland Timber Establishment on Wetlands

CP33 (DOC; 33 KB)

Habitat Buffers for Upland Birds

CP37 (DOC; 33 KB)

Duck Nesting Habitat

CP38e (DOC; 68 KB)

State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE)

CP39/CP28 (DOC; 43 KB)

Constructed Wetland (FWP)/Buffer

CP40 (DOC; 43 KB)

Aquaculture Wetland Restoration

CP41/CP 28 (DOC; 164 KB)

Flooded Prairie Wetland (FWP)/Buffer

CP42 (PDF; 91 KB)

CP42 Pollinator Habitat


Highly Erodible Land Initiative