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Machele Bollman, Earth Team Volunteer

The NRCS in Caledonia is very proud of our Earth Team Volunteers’ commitment to conservation. We want to take this opportunity to thank Machele Bollman for being a valued member of our conservation team!

The Earth Team is the volunteer workforce of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and we are making a difference in every county in the nation.

Machele lives in LaCrescent  and is the mother of 2 boys and a Veteran.  Currently Machele is attending school at Northeast Iowa Community College for Agri-Business. Machele completed an Iraq tour during Operation Iraq Freedom and has earned the rank of Sargent. She has volunteered donated close to 300 hours at the Caledonia Field Office.   Machele received School Internship credits for her work at the NRCS and received lots of valuable work experience. 

Earth Team volunteers are an integral part of the conservation partnership and each member takes pride in the fact that they maintain and improve our natural resources and environment on private lands.  The job of conserving our natural resources cannot be done by the government alone. NRCS needs assistance in reducing soil erosion, conserving our water and improving its quality, and developing pride in our Houston County's natural resource heritage.