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2014 Local Work Group Meetings

To set the course for Fiscal Year 2014 Conservation Program direction in Minnesota, NRCS District Conservationists will be convening Local Work Group(LWG) meetings.

Cropland, forestland and pastureland comprise major land uses in Minnesota and the land uses receiving the majority of the conservation treatment that address our soil, water, air, plant, and animal resources.  NRCS’ role is to provide leadership and technical assistance for the conservation of our natural resources to ensure the continued production of food and fiber.

Program issues that may be addressed at the LWGs include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying significant local and statewide natural resource concerns;
  • State program management policies and procedures;
  • Technical programmatic recommendations;
  • Statewide public information and outreach campaigns;
  • Guidelines for developing ranking criteria for evaluating applications;
  • Guidance on eligible conservation practices;
  • Technical guidance on conservation practices, including new, innovative practices;
  • Financial Assistance payment rates, practice payment limits and method of payment;
  • Identifying, monitoring and analyzing performance indicators;
  • Evaluating and reporting program impacts on natural resources and the environment; and
  • Coordinating with other Federal, State, tribal, and local public and private activities.

LWG meetings are open to the public.  For more information regarding the Local Work Group meetings in Minnesota, read here.