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Project Grow Summer of 2014

Project Grow is a partnership program between USDA- Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the Hmong American Partnership (HAP), a local organization servicing the Southeast Asian population and the local community.  The mission of this project is to provide an opportunity to educate high school students about careers and programs of USDA-NRCS.  Project Grow held its 4th session during the summer of 2014 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

 During the summer program, the students learned about horticulture, weeding and how to maintain the urban community gardens, from USDA-NRCS presenters.  The Project Grow garden produced enough food to feed 300 people a sample of their garden produce at the annual HAP “night out.”

         The students participated in field trips in St. Paul, where they learned about forestry at Como Park and archaeology at Mounds Park.  “Hands-on activities was a perfect tie-in for the students to learn more how NRCS helps people help the land,” said John Xiong, MN NRCS cartographer. 

On August 15, a graduation ceremony was held at HAP in St. Paul. A total of twelve students graduated. The ceremony provided an opportunity for HAP and NRCS to embrace the accomplishments of Project Grow.  For additional information regarding Project Grow in Minnesota, please contact Xiong at (651)-602-7863.