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Technical Service Provider Nutrient Management

Updated 07/12/2012

This TSP site is currently housed in the Nutrient Management section of the NRCS Minn. home page. However most information presented is applicable to all TSPs

 These documents require Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word.

 Becoming a Certified Technical Service Provider

USDA NRCS Technical Service Provider (TSP) webpage
Learn how to become a TSP, complete your renewal, or manage your profile.

TSP Application Process -Becoming a TSP (pdf; 95 KB)  03/08

Minnesota NRCS Overview of Certification Process (pdf; 97 KB) 

Questions and Answers on Renewal Process (pdf; 46 KB)

Statements of Work

Statements of Work describe required work, documentation, timelines and other activities that TSPs must perform when designing and installing conservation practices for producers. They identify what is required of the TSP and what a client hires a TSP to provide. SOWs will also be used to assess the work of TSPs. Selected SOWs are listed below.

Nutrient Management (pdf; 45 KB)

Comprehensive Nutrient Management  (pdf; 26 KB)

Animal Mortality Facility (pdf; 32 KB)

Composting Facility (pdf; 32 KB)

Pest Management (pdf; 42 KB)

Roof Runoff Management (pdf; 31 KB)

Waste Storage Facility (pdf; 27 KB)

Wastewater Treatment Strip (pdf; 80 KB)

Additional SOWs can be found by:

Quality Assurance

NRCS Minnesota Process for Reviewing TSP Work (pdf; 240 KB)


Assignment of Payment Instructions (pdf; 14 KB)

Assignment of Payment Form (pdf; 166 KB)
This form is used if your client agrees to let USDA assign payment directly to you (instead of USDA releasing payment to your client who in turn pays you). This form applies mainly to Technical Assistance (TA) funds put into your client’s government contract specifically for TSP services. It is difficult but not impossible for producers to assign portions of their USDA contracts’ Financial Assistance (FA) funds directly to TSPs. FA funds are for practice implementation and are not dedicated TSP funds. For example FA funding for nutrient and pest management is substantial and no additional TSP specific TA funding is put into producer contracts. So a producer would have to use some of his or her FA funds for TSP activities.
Note: The assignment of payment form does not initiate a payment for technical services. It only tells NRCS who to pay. Payments are released at the request of the producer after a particular practice has been designed and installed according to NRCS standards and specifications and the producer has provided documentation of installation and TSP invoices and bills.

Direct Deposit Sign-up Form (pdf; 150 KB)
TSPs who will receiving funding directly from NRCS under assignment of payment provisions must complete this form so that funding can be transferred directly into their bank account. Both the assignment of payment and direct deposit forms should be completed and submitted well in advance of the time when a producer actually requests payment for conservation work.

Landowner File Access Form (pdf; 15 KB) 
This MN-ADS-015 form allows you to access pertinent information in your client’s USDA case-file. E.g. soil maps soil loss estimates etc. It is not intended for you to look at everything in your client’s file-only information that will help your plan, design and install the conservation practice you are working on for the producer.

Pest Management Job Sheet 595b (doc; 99 KB)
Used to schedule 1st year pest management for EQIP contracts.

TSP PRS Data Entry Worksheet  (doc; 52 KB)
Form used by non-agency TSPs to provide information to NRCS for NRCS to report landowner conservation progress. In the future TSPs may have to directly enter this information into NRCS’ reporting system (PRS). Can also be used by TSPs to certify their work.

Practice Certification Form (doc; 123 KB)
Minnesota form MN-CPA-046 used by USDA program participants to certify that nutrients and pests have been managed according to NRCS guidelines.

EQIP 1st Year Nutrient Management-NRCS Jobsheet 590b (doc; 111 KB)

Producer TSP Information

Find a TSP
Link to national web-site containing names of currently certified TSPs

TSP Producer Information Fact Sheet (pdf; 90 KB)
This fact sheet was developed as a guide for producers interested in obtaining the services of TSPs. It is also useful for TSPs who do not know the process that their clients must use to obtain the services of a TSP.

NRCS Iowa, North Dakota and Wisconsin TSP Websites
These sites contain considerable additional TSP information.

Training Opportunities

  • Upcoming TSP Training Sessions
    University of Minnesota
  • USDA-NRCS AgLearn Website  5/09
    TSP candidates are required to take some on-line NRCS coursework to receive certification.  AgLearn is the site to register for and take these courses.   TSPs must create an AgLearn account in order take the courses.  The account is the TSP’s own account. 

  •  Supplemental Ag Learn Instructions (word; 47 KB)
    Provide additional instructions on how to access AgLearn and register for training courses