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Business Opportunities

Contract Opportunities

  • As required by Federal Acquisition Regulation subpart 5.101(a)(2), business opportunities expected to exceed $15,000, but not expected to exceed $25,000 must be displayed in a public place or by appropriate electronic means. Any opportunities meeting this criteria will be posted below. All responsible sources may submit a response which, if received timely, will be considered by the agency.
    • None at this time.
  • For any opportunities expected to exceed $25,000, a synopsis will be posted to the Federal Business Opportunities website, unless an exception applies. To view opportunities for this office, as well as other federal agencies, please visit the following website.
  • To receive solicitations with a value less than $25,000, vendors may submit information describing the services or supplies that they supply directly to Minnesota NRCS procurement personnel by e-mail or via fax. Providing a good description of the services or supplies is critical, since it is often difficult to discern what a business does solely based on the name of the company.

    For any other inquiries regarding prospective business opportunities please contact:

Howard Stover, Contracting Officer
Phone: (651) 602-7934
Fax: (651) 602-7914

Grant and Agreement Opportunities

Competitive grants and cooperative agreements are posted on Grants.Gov.

Rachel Campbell-McGill, Grants and Agreement Specialist
Phone: (651) 602-7899
Fax: (651) 602-7914