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Program & Staff Specialists

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is the lead federal conservation agency, working one-on-one with farmers and landowners on private lands. NRCS, formerly called the Soil Conservation Service, has been helping people make sound choices for healthy land and water for over 60 years. NRCS staff specialists offer professional expertise in many fields, including soils, agronomy, engineering, forestry, wildlife habitat plantings, wetlands, geographic information systems, land use planning, grazing, conservation planning, and other technical disciplines. NRCS also offers landowners the opportunity to participate in many federal conservation and agricultural programs. For information on NRCS programs or technical information, please contact the following:



State Conservationist's Staff


MN NRCS Cathee Pullman, MN State Conservationist (651) 602-7854
Management & Strategy Jennifer Sweeney, Asst. State Conservationist (651) 602-7930
Media Contact Julie MacSwain, Public Affairs Specialist (651) 602-7859
Personnel Lois Baker,  Human Resources Manager (651) 602-7902
Easement Programs Lanette Dietrich,  Asst. State Conservationist (651) 602-7855
Financial Assistance Programs Nick Vira, Asst. State Conservationist (651) 602-7931
Soils John Beck, State Soil Scientist (651) 602-7861
Resources Ryan Galbreath, State Resource Conservationist (651) 602-7879
Engineering Anna Bramblett,  State Engineer (651) 602-7880