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Engineering Software

Downloadable Data Files - updated  Michigan data files to replace data in NRCS national EFH2 download
SOILS.HG (Hyrologic Soils Groups for Michigan 4-4-2008)
COUNTY.MI (includes 24-hour precipitation for 1-,2-,5-,10-,25-,50-, and 100-year frequency storms by Michigan county 8-21-15)
TYPE.RF (Michigan rainfall types)

  • National NRCS Engineering Field Tools (EFT)
  •  EFT is a framework for engineering tools used to assist field office individuals plan and design commonly applied     conservation practices. Currently there are only three applications within the EFT:
    1. Survey Engineering Tool (SET)
    2. Waterway Design Tool (WDT)
    3. Terrace Design Tool (TDT)
    For more information about EFT including self-paced training, refer to the EFT Web page:

  • NRCS-Ohio

    • Ohio Engineering Software

    • OhioEng (Collection of DOS-based programs authored by C. Liezert, retired NRCS Engineer)

      Downloadable Data Files - Michigan specific data files for Ohio Engineering Software
      SOILS.DAT (Hydrologic Soil Groups for Michigan 4-4-2008)
      CLIMATE.DAT (24-hour precipitation for 2-,5-,10-,25-,50-, and 100-year frequency storms by Michigan county 4-4-2008)